This new people’s family unit members usually ask the fresh new astrologer in order to determine the time out-of marriage

This new people’s family unit members usually ask the fresh new astrologer in order to determine the time out-of marriage

On the early in the day day’s the brand new ily will send the marriage skirt and you can precious jewelry covered with cotton towards woman’s the place to find let the bride-to-be wear. On the day of your wedding, the mans household members should get a hold of one of label, offer several people with a few horses and you can colorful arrows with quite a few decorations, and you can eliminate an expecting mare that matches the fresh new wife’s zodiac to possess the new bride to be so you can ride. Up until the arrival of pony party, the girl relatives would be to hold a farewell group from the to present Chema, beverage and wines. And also the woman’s friends do assign some personal nearest and dearest to transmit off of the bride to be. If the bride goes out off the woman home, this lady friends stay upstairs which have colored arrows in a single give and mutton shank throughout the other and cry: Usually do not distance themself my personal family members’ blessings. They would recite once or twice up until the bride to be walks out.

If the pony party is actually marching, the fresh new entourages is play tunes, while the bride-to-be Novi sad sexy girls is always to cry. Along the way, the newest people’s nearest and dearest has to wait for the roadside so you can toast brand new pony class 3 x. In the event that encounter anybody holding clients, throwing remnants, otherwise delivering empty containers on the road, it’s sensed unlucky. Following the wedding, they must inquire monks in order to repeat sutras to end calamities.

Before the bride will come, new people’s family members is liven up the new door and prepare a beneficial cushion towards fiance to help you dismount. The fresh support is actually a wallet having highland barley and you may wheat, wrapped in colourful brocade, on what brand new symbol “?” try coated at first glance that have grain grains. The fresh new mans members of the family will desired this new bride to be from the door holding “Chema” and highland barley drink.

The standard basic service is extremely troublesome. Out of dismounting, typing, going upstairs in order to going into the hallway, each and every time, your family users would play a tune and present Khata. Following the bride goes into the fresh gate of one’s groom’s family, she is always to first hope into guardian goddess of your relatives. Afterward, the fresh new bride to be would be to sit close to the woman bridegroom, together with their family unit members to possess restaurants and exchange merchandise. Then your people is contributed to the top floor away from our home, and you will a lama will chant sutras to inquire of your family goddess to protect the fresh bride-to-be. Fundamentally, a prayer banner are raised on top, as well as the associate of the bride’s nearest and dearest tend to issue an announcement: From now on, the latest fiance and other members of this new groom’s family members appreciate equivalent authority.

If the encounter someone that have drinking water otherwise firewood on the rear, they feel this is the really auspicious signal and they is always to dismount the brand new horse supply a good khata on the passerby

The marriage is frequently kept for five to 15 weeks, with regards to the financial situation of your own family members. Into days of the marriage, the family perform receive related visitors to manage Tibetan opera and you may play songs enjoyment.

Following the Relationships

Into the first day after wedding, brand new wedding couple should get right up very early and you may worship prior to the loved ones deity. In the first week just after wedding, the new bride isn’t permitted to go into the room off the lady parents-in-legislation. 30 days afterwards, mom and dad of groom often officially meet with the new few within place. Up coming, the brand new bride may go inside and out of one’s place regarding the lady moms and dads-in-rules at the will.

Shortly after 3 otherwise half a year of the freshly-relationships, the new bride and groom will return to new bride’s where you can find remain for some time. The time off go back have to be determined by a monk. While the bride’s family members will be ready yourself barley, a paint out of an effective swastika, etc. to welcome them. They will certainly as well as provide gift ideas on their dad-in-legislation and you may mommy-in-laws with respect to the fresh groom’s parents. The brand new wedding couple must also pray till the guardian goddess of bride’s relatives. Merely such as this can the whole relationship be considered over.